DIVAS Fellowship and Outreach Ministry

Restoring the Soulful Sisterhood, Encouraged in Heart and United in Love

Pamela King is a survivor who invests in people and is committed to transforming lives.  She is an advocate for crime victims; focusing on survivors of rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence.  In 2009, she founded DIVAS Fellowship and Outreach Ministry, where survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence can connect for mutual support and learn life skills that will assist them on their journeys to healing.  A highly sought after motivational speaker, Pam inspires life changes and growth based on leadership development, individual resilience, victim advocacy and survivor support.  As a Master Resilience Trainer and Communication Skills Training Professor, she trains advocates and educates law enforcement agencies,  medical professionals and the public at large, improving their interaction with victims of sexual violence while strengthening their communities.  During her 20-year Air Force career, she used her voice for awareness, volunteered her time for advocacy and made resources available for recovery in support of survivors of gender-based violence.   Throughout her career she has received many awards, medals, and special recognition for her efforts, to include the Air Force Materiel Command NAACP Roy Wilkins Renown Service Award in 2015. 

Pam's WHY...

"After God connected the broken pieces of my life and my family, it was so easy to hear him clearly when I asked him how I can serve and be used.  I founded DIVAS Fellowship and Outreach Ministry after prayerfully walking out the vision God gave me in August of 2008.  I open my heart to you to share the joy only God can give to you.  I promise you a renewed strength that is demonstrated in numbers, all you have to do is grab a hold of the Sisterhood around you.  I am here because of the Divine Angels that grabbed a hold of me when I felt too low to reach for myself.  Through the grace and mercy of our Lord, Jesus Christ, I have conquered sexual assault and domestic violence and have been transformed from victim to VICTOR walking in my VICTORY.  We are not perfect, but we serve a perfect God, who loves us where we are and in our journey to recovery, with boldness, strength and courage.  This is my heart's prayer for you, that same hand that reached out for me - is stretched out to you.  Grab hold of it and you will never be alone.  I look forward to partnering with you in this journey!"

Pamela C. King, Founder and President