DIVAS Fellowship and Outreach Ministry

Restoring the Soulful Sisterhood, Encouraged in Heart and United in Love

Tammy Tellez is a passionate leader who believes in the women she serves and the gifts God has given her to transform their lives.  She advocates for victims' rights, supports their families and most importantly, she walks with them personally as a therapist in their healing journey. In 2009, Tammy committed to serving the women in her community through DIVAS Fellowship and Outreach Ministry, where survivors of domestic and sexual violence can connect for mutual support and learn life skills that will assist them on their journeys to healing.  Her natural ability to empower others by helping them discover their unique talents, navigate through obstacles and confidently use their own gifts to achieve greatness is unmatched and the key to our success. As a therapist at the YWCA in St. Louis and strategic partner in her community, Tammy equips survivors and inspires leaders while strengthening our communities.  

Tammy’s WHY...

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Tammy R. Tellez, Executive Director