DIVAS Fellowship and Outreach Ministry

Restoring the Soulful Sisterhood, Encouraged in Heart and United in Love

The Truth about My Journey:  
A Sisterhood of Survivors...Healing from Sexual Trauma

Has your crisis passed and you’re looking to begin the JOURNEY to healing? This support group is for you...

The Truth about My Journey is designed to promote healing from the affects of sexual assault through individual commitment, peer-to-peer interaction and community support.

If you are an adult female, age 18+, join a sisterhood of survivors to experience the power of healing, freedom from the past, and a renewed hope for your future!




God said that you’re not broken, just bruised.

He created you in His likeness, a beautiful vessel He can use.

“You’re the apple of My eye!” He shouts to the world from above.

Sweet fruit from His labor, created for His purpose, with His love.

DIVAS is the manifestation of God’s divine sisterhood

To hold your hand on this journey like only a sister could.

As you tell your truth and embrace the “freedom” feeling,

You’re closer to the destination of your journey…HEALING.

You are not alone on this journey that you’ve chosen to take.

There will be a bond with DIVAS the world can’t ever break.

With love and inspiration, we encourage you to tell your story

 Healing is on the other side of it. To God Be the Glory.

written by Tammy Tellez