DIVAS Fellowship and Outreach Ministry

Restoring the Soulful Sisterhood, Encouraged in Heart and United in Love


Quotes For years I prayed to God for 3 things. I received an e-mail about the DIVAS luncheon, w/not much interest at first. The bottom was about the Mentoring/Outreach program for young women...God's purpose for me. After speaking w/Pam, I knew that I had to be a part of it. She described her vision for the program like she'd been listening to my conversations w/God. I vowed that if this was truly God's plan, I'd join whatever church that backed this program. I accompanied her to the meeting that Saturday and I was totally in. Afterwards, she and I spoke about me. I completely opened up to a total stranger (God's work). I felt God's spirit in Pam. Sunday I rededicated my to life to Christ and became a member of NLC. So, the 3 things that I'd prayed were: 1) To live my purposed life 2) Belong to a church I could be active 3) Someone that would help me w/ my walk w/God. In 4 days, He delivered them all. Quotes
Tammy Tellez
The Beginning

Quotes I love this Ministry....it helps my help the young ladies I supervise as well as myself...too many of us spent too much time chasing after the lies satan tells us (to be accepted, you have to __________) Now, because we all now choose to chase after His truth we now chase HIM! Thanks for Sprinting for us DIVAS! Quotes
Donna Privitera
DIVAS Impact

Quotes Thank you very much for your ministry. It is ministering to me through a very difficult time in my life. God Bless You! Quotes
Lauri R.
DIVAS Matters to Me

Quotes Thank God for you Sister, I thank you for your many hugs and smiles and I want you to know I truly appreciate the experience I had with the Divas at the East St. Louis Community Center. I'm looking forward to many more. Quotes
Anita P.

Quotes Hey Pam, such a pleasure to meet and chat with you. The website is wonderful. The messages are quite encouraging as well as motivational. Just what I need hear at a time like this. I have a feeling that you and DIVAS Fellowship Outreach will impact the lives of thousands/ millions of DIVAS. Quotes
Lavella Joplin
Seeing the Vision

Quotes I am totally impressed with your efforts to reach women on the move in the community who are hurting as a result of destructive life styles. The biggest evangelistic tool is love - people want to know how much you care not how much you know. Meet them in their pain - let them see the love of Christ through you not on a phamplet or in the pages of a book. Once you earn the respect of those that feel forsaken you can then truly minister to them about our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. Once you establish a date in 2010, count me in. I have twenty four years of sobriety, currently work in a long term recovery home, fourteen years of jail ministry and a life time of opportunties that I experienced the grace and mercy of our Lord. Hats off to your leader, my "baby girl", Pam. Quotes
Renade Cossey
Hats Off to Your Leader